Lin Xi Chun / Lim Sai Choon 林细春师傅, direct disciple of Gao Can Fashi 高叁法师. One of the founding members of Hui Hwa Pugilistic Association 星州惠华国术研究社

Tay Teh Eng Guan, General secretary of the Singapore Shuanglin temple.

Wav Chong Also kown as Siau Chong (hard trainer). Specializes in 'deadly' shaolin techniques. Lives in Penang, Malaysia.

Lim Joo Wah. He was Chief Instructor of the Seow Tin San Athletic Association in Singapore, famous for his Damo Cha set form. His succecor is Michael P.S. Thng.

Ch'ng Kek Hock. Was in charge of the Penang Sao Lim Athletic Association after Shi Gao Can passed away for two years. After this he became a bodyguard for a Malaysian Sultan.

P'ng Chye Khim.

Ng Ser Kow (Ng Swee Gao) Was born in Fu Jian in China. He was a strong willed man and had a strong interest in Chinese martial arts. In 1947 he left China for Singapore. Singapore Sao Hua San Association was formed in 1954 and Mr. Ng was to be the instructor of Sao Hua San Association. Mr. Ng died on 23rd December 1973.

Venerable Seng Long. In Medan Indonesia. Last Martial Monk disciple of Shi Gao Can. Passed away in 1991.

Lim Chin Siong. Known for the execution of the set Shaolin Pay Yen Chuan Bong Chui. At present he is a doctor in Singapore.

Shi Fa Chan. Venerable Fa Chan (Dharma Zen) in Medan, Indonesia.

Zheng Shu Xiang ( 郑树祥 Dey Soo Siong) Mr. Zheng Shu Xiang the represents the 49th generation. He was a instructor at the Nanyang Shaolin Headquarter in Singapore in the 1960's. Chief Instructor of the Chiam Sein Puglistic Association in Singapore. In 1954 Master Gao Can initiated the 'Singapore Sao Hua San Athletic Association', which was taken charge by his non monk disciple Zheng Shu Xiang and some others (a.o. Quek Heng Choon, Ng Ser Kow)

Low Koh Tho

Kang Ban Chuan 江万川 B.C.Kang ("The Iron Head of Shaolin") was born in 1936. From 1969 until 1974 he taught at the Shaolin HQ's inSingapore - he was in charge for the Shaolin Instructors Class Passed away in 1998.

Chong Beng Joo was number one in the first Full Contact Championships of South East Asia in 1964. Shaolin Sifu Chong Beng Joo passed away in 1998.

Lim Chin Gee

Chuang Soon Lai

Wong Chin Chang

Li Bin Ching

Ng Tsung Meng

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